Gary Young's plays, mostly dealing with social issues, have been produced and performed at the Kennedy Center, Lincoln Center, the White House, the Smithsonian, and venues throughout the US and Europe. He has worked with Jean Kennedy Smith as a coordinator for the National Very Special Arts Festival, and has produced festivals and written grant proposals to fund programs for, by and with disabled populations and the underprivileged. His play, INTERRUPTIONS - A life, a death, pizza, dancing and Murphy's Law, premiered at the Kennedy Center, had its West Coast premier in Los Angeles July 6-September 3, 2000 at the Stella Adler Theater, Hollywood. Gary is the president of the Publishers Association of Los Angeles, the executive director of the Lifetime Achievement Foundation, and the Director of Professional Development for the Independent Writers of Southern California, and a vice-chair of the Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights.

Kathy Young has taught in Colorado, Detroit, and the LA public schools, has taught guitar and has written several children's books. She has worked with children in Afghanistan and Indonesia and has traveled extensively around the world. After having children, she became a property supervisor, running four apartment buildings in addition to her own, a commercial complex, and an industrial complex. She was team mom for her children's sports teams, always playing an active role in her children's lives.

They became co-leaders of some of the support groups that are mentioned in the book. Gary has had over fifteen years of experience with illness and death issues. Kathy has had ten years of experience with illness and death issues.

The nonfiction book, LOSS AND FOUND, co-written by Gary and Kathy Young traces their true journey from being married to being widowed, to meeting each other, falling in love and getting married. Oh yes, with a family of five children.

Kathy Young and Gary Young are support leaders, and have recently discussed grief and recovery issues on Leeza, The Home Show(ABC), The Dale Atkins Show on Family TV, The Marilyn Kagan Show (Disney), and are appeaing in 2003 on Between the Lines, Barry Kibrick's acclaimed in-depth review of major writers and their books. The TV movie, well, more about that later! Take a look at the feature article about Kathy in First for Women magazine.